StrongHer Ultimate

Join the ever growing community of Strongher & empowered women for a fun yet life-changing weekend. Imagine 1 or 2 choose how long you want to spend with us...Women from all walks of life learning, supporting, sharing & discussing women-centric training, nutrition, and self-care topics. This is for every single woman who knows they want more & wants to take back control of their life!

ultimate female fitness classses by strongher.



Meaning no intimidation or judgement and
being surrounded by supportive,
like minded women like YOU!

Technique training

Learn the correct form of all of the 'Big Lifts'
so that you can walk into any weights area and OWN it

How to write programmes

How to write yourself an effective training programme
and how to adjust for different goals etc

Personalised Nutrition

How to personalise your own nutrition for different goals
so you know how you can eat whatever you want
and still achieve your goals, cutting ‘diets and detoxes’ out FOREVER

Positive Mindset

Rewiring of the brain to encourage self confidence, self believe and to help you achieve what you’ve always wanted!

HIIT It StrongHer

Our high intensity team based class

StrongHer Full "How To Guide"

A guide for you to keep and go through whenever you need a refresh.

StrongHer Support Group

Ongoing private support group of our StrongHer Squad for members

StrongHer Community

A community of supportive women
who will help you out whenever you need!